Pelleve Skin Tightening

We are the only office in Andover to offer Pelleve.

The most significant advancement in nonsurgical skin tightening available, Pelleve´ generates heat in the skin by delivering continuous high frequency and radio wave energy.  There are many factors that cause the collagen in the skin to become less dense and less tightly bound including UV overexposure, stress, smoking and simply the aging process.  The fibrous bands that hold your skin firmly to the muscle also weaken, causing the skin to loose definition and sag.  Pelleve´ heats this collagen to a point that it can release and re-contract, resulting in tighter skin without discomfort or "down-time".                     

For more information and pricing, please complete our on-line form or call our office for your complimentary consultation in Andover at 978.682.4040 or in Londonderry at 603.421.0095. 






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